Chalk/Whiteboard Easel $150.00

Special - Now $125.00

Chalk/Magnet Board Easel $160.00

Special - Now $135.00

(ages 3+) 

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A 'must have' for children of all ages!  This two sided easel is constructed of hard maple wood and comes complete with two art surfaces (chalk and whiteboard) or (chalk and magnet board), two paint trays, 12 pack of color chalk, 4 pack of dry-erase markers, 100 ft. paper roll and child-safe paper cutter.  Assembly is simple using bolts and wing nuts - no screw driver required!

Height - 47 inches tall

Art Surfaces - 24 x 24 inches

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Surface Notes:  

Chalkboard:  To reduce ghosting, use the edge of a piece of white chalk to cover entire surface with chalk dust.  Remove excess with a dry cloth.  Use chalk intended for chalkboards, as harder versions can mar the surface.  Do not use water on chalkboard.

Whiteboard:  Use high quality dry erase markers for best results on wipe-off marker surface.  Test markers on a corner of the board to ensure easy erasure before allowing general use.  Clean entire surface regularly with water (never use household cleaners).  Over time, marker film may build up on board.  This can be removed with 'dry-erase' cleaner which can be found at any office supply store.

Magnet Board:  Designed for use with all types of magnets and has a washable surface.  While it will perform like a whiteboard with high quality markers, it is not intended for that use.  If you chose to use dry erase markers on it, follow the cleaning instructions for whiteboard (above).  Should the surface become damaged, keep in mind that it is reversible.

Paper Roll Refill $12.00

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100 ft. paper roll refill for paper easel.

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