Murder Mystery Party

   Host a Murder alacarte Dinner Mystery Party! Everyone is a suspect! Each game includes menu and recipes, invitations and character booklets for 6-8 guests, a party planner for the host, an audio tape (or cd) to recap the evenings events, place cards, secret clues, plus - a tasty murder mystery to solve! 

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   As the host, you choose which of your friends will play each suspect.  They arrive at your home in character (their invitation will give them a little background on themselves and some suggestions on what to wear).  You will be given menu suggestions appropriate for the theme of your party.  The party is broken down into acts, so you can serve dinner whenever you like.  The audio tape (or cd) will keep everybody on track throughout the evening, and each suspect has a booklet with their own dialogue and information to be revealed or kept secret.  At the end of the evening, everyone must sort through all the clues they have heard and choose who they think is the murderer! Loads of fun!

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view.gif (3506 bytes)(Ages:Adult - requires 8 guests) Boris Ivanovitch was anticipating an exciting evening attending an apres-ski party at Michael Maitland's Cottonwood condominium.  Three hours later he was found stabbed to death on the condo deck.  The guests at the party all appeared very uncomfortable.  One of them is the murderer and it's up to you to find out who it is! (Mystery by Edna Hill Maples & Patricia A. Stewart)


Michael Maitland - Age 38, Director of National Defense.

Samantha "Sam" Westin - Age 20, Madison Westin's Daughter/Assistant.

Laura Maitland, M.D. - Age 36, Denver Police Surgeon.

Madison "Madd" Westin - Age 44, Private Investigator.

Roberto Martine - Age 28, Body Guard to Michael Maitland.

Buzzy Reinhardt - Age 32, Ski Shop Owner.

Tiffany Enderly - Age 29, Flight Attendant for Star Airlines.

Alicia Tomasini - Age 26, Jet Setter. 

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Murder Mystery

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