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Mystery Jigsaws

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To Kill A Lawyer Taxed To Death

Here's how they work:

(Ages 13-Adult)  First, read the story.   Second, assemble the jigsaw puzzle.  Third, solve the crime.  You may notice that we did not supply you with puzzle images.  That's right, there is no image to follow while assembling these jigsaws.  Once the puzzle is completed, use the clues from the story and puzzle image to solve the mystery!  You'll need only a mirror to check your sleuthing skills.

To Kill A Lawyer $17.99

Sale Item: Now $15.00 (limit one per customer)

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(500 pieces)  He was judged the sleaziest lawyer around, until tried, convicted, and executed in his own office!  The baffling question is: who took the law into their own hands? 

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Taxed To Death $19.99

Sale Item: Now $17.00 (limit one per customer)

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(1000 pieces)   Meet some clever clients with some clever deductions.  David Penner; He's a builder with a temper and the unfortunate numbers 1099 at the end of his social security number.  Eve Baker; A hard-edged brunette in her late forties, she lives on income from her late husband's investments.  Coincidentally, she resides at 1040-1099 Beechwood Boulevard.   Jonathan Spence; An amateur archeologist who claimed a curious deduction for a $109910.40 donation to the Smithsonian.  Can you get to the bottom line?  Who will pay a hefty penalty?

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