Tavern Puzzles

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Old Shackles(easy)  Big Kahuna(hard)
Conestoga Playmate(easy) Blackbeards Revenge(hard)
Iron Heart(easy) Satans Stirrup(hard)
Painted Lady(easy) Dirty Dog(hard)
Self Restraint(easy) Double Bypass(hard)
Black Jack(easy) U-Turn(hard)
Lyons Loop(medium) Odd Ball(hard)
Clef Hanger(medium) Long Island Catch(very hard)
Tinkers Bell(medium) Double Trouble(very hard)
Travelers Woe(medium) Sneaky Pete(very hard) 
Wise Guy(medium)  Patience Puzzle(very hard)
Iron Maiden(medium) Freedom's Ring(very hard)
  Matched Set(very hard)
Entire Collection
Tavern Puzzle Accessories

$17.99 each

The Tavern Puzzle Collection is based on diversions forged by blacksmiths in earlier centuries. Each puzzle has an object piece which must be removed (a ring, heart or shaft). Tavern puzzles are made of solid steel and require no force to solve - just a little concentration and creativity.

Tavern Puzzle is a registered trademark of Tucker-Jones House Inc. and is used with permission.

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Tavern Puzzles


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